Welcome To Wullie’s World

Are you ready for a scruffy, rude, bad-tempered mystery adventure?

When you first meet Wullie it seems like he is just a delightful addition to Finnley and Hadley’s own comfortable world.  Sure, he is rude and grumpy, but he is also witty, kind-hearted, and has so much energy that he gets mixed up in our regular human world in hilarious and unexpected ways. 

But the more you hang around Wullie the more you realize that he will take you on fantastical adventures to unfathomable places.  He has lived for thousands of years.  He explores massive underground cities where armies of evil rock creatures plot to defeat each other, destroy humans, and take over the planet.  As you travel through Wullie’s world you will meet dozens of cruel rock creatures, despicable humans, but so long as Wullie is by your side (or on your shoulder) you will be safe… well, safe-ish!  But you will need to stay focused and keep your wits about you.  Wullie may even ask you to help him save our world.

So thanks for coming along.  Poke around on the website and see which gome tunnels and rabbit holes Wullie will pull you into…

The Wullie the Mahaar Gome Series is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.