Blackhope Scar – Minor Characters

Frank McCrone

A miserable, unhelpful servant who “comes with the house” that Uncle Hugh rented for the summer.

Bella McCrone

Frank’s miserable, unhelpful, chain-smoking wife who does as little as possible except gossip with her friends.

Nigel McCrone

Frank and Bella’s son, who works as a waiter in the Burntfield Hotel in Edinburgh.

Sir Alistair Paterson

Chief military officer, stationed at Edinburgh Castle, who is in charge of preparation for the Military Tattoo.


A slobbering Tasmanian rhino hound who dislikes thirteen-year-old American teenagers but really likes Marmite and peanut butter sandwiches.

John Brackenbridge

Bella McCrone’s brother, a crooked building contractor who, along with the McCrones and Sean Agnew, is part of Marie-Claire’s gang.

Inspector Maurice Kendall

An unhappy, long-suffering Scottish detective.

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