Book Three: Chondrite Vault

Finnley McDougall’s best friend Hadley is dying of gomebane poison. The secret cure was lost five hundred years ago when the Inca Empire collapsed. And unless he can control his emotions Finn will stiffen up and turn to stone. Dealing with school bullies and obnoxious popular girls was a lot easier than this. And to make things even worse, Wullie, his scruffy, rude, bad-tempered friend and protector is being hunted by the most evil gomes in Europe.Can Finn trust Varry Doo, the bog witch of Calanais, to help? Will he survive getting slathered with alpaca grease and soot, eating freeze-dried llama meat, and getting covered in condor vomit? If so he may need to crawl through the snow past decomposing sheep carcasses and an army of angry gomes to try to save the day. It won’t be as easy as it sounds.

  • Gome Poison

    Gomes make many different kinds of poison.  In one of those they coat the tips of their ancient metal spears with a black sticky liquid.  When a human is stuck with the spear some flakes of metal and the sticky… Continue reading “Gome Poison”…

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  • Catharting

    Gomes (at least powerful ones) can move almost instantaneously from one place on the planet to another provided they use locations where they have previously had  an intensely emotional experience (a catharsis).  Here’s how Wullie explains it to Finnley in… Continue reading “Catharting”…

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  • Vas Animi

    Most gomes would say that the vas animi is the rarest and most powerful of all petraglifs but in some ways it is the opposite of a traditional petraglif.  The term comes from the Latin word vas meaning a vessel… Continue reading “Vas Animi”…

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  • Gome Bulletin Boards (“Gome Boards”)

    Powerful gomes can communicate by writing on a Gome Bulletin Board (which they often just call Gome Boards).  When a message is written it is sent to all the other gome Boards across the planet but they are only readable… Continue reading “Gome Bulletin Boards (“Gome Boards”)”…

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  • Signal Varnish

    Powerful Translators (like Jade, Catalysmo, and Varry Doo) can put a coating of magic potion onto objects (like a coin, a pendant, or a bracelet) which can then be tracked like a “homing device.” Continue reading “Signal Varnish”…

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  • Homing Brew

    This allows gomes to attack and inflict pain and control from a distance.  If part of a gome object (like a spear tip) is left attached to (or inside) another creature then Translators (if they have access to that same… Continue reading “Homing Brew”…

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  • Gelidum

    This is a powerful liquid which can be sprayed or poured on top of another creature (gomes, humans, animals) and instantly immobilize them so that they are petrified and can not unpetrify until the gelidum has worn off.  This makes… Continue reading “Gelidum”…

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  • Retrolapsing (a.k.a. The Chondrite Jump)

    Chondrite is a very unusual rock on planet earth.  They were formed many millions of years ago when the universe was forming and arrived here as meteors from outer space.  They are therefore older than any other rocks on earth… Continue reading “Retrolapsing (a.k.a. The Chondrite Jump)”…

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  • Hemlig Vaktpost

    In Chondrite Vault after the ransack of Bönaholme Island when Tessa has to flee the Migmatites have told her where to go, although in typical gome fashion they describe everything in cryptic detail: “Head for the southern tip of the… Continue reading “Hemlig Vaktpost”…

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