David McDougall

David McDougall is Finn’s dad.  David grew up in Scotland but has spent most of his life in the USA.  He works for the Seattle Art Museum as a curator.  He travels the world looking at amazing new art to bring to Seattle.  Because of this Finn has traveled all over the world.  David is a bit of a day-dreamer himself, so perhaps that is where Finn gets that part of his character.  David is kind and thoughtful and is not quite as strict in the way he is trying to raise Finn.  Because of this David and Marjorie sometimes have arguments.  Because of David’s connection to the art world Finn gets drawn into some exciting adventures.  When David is invited to evaluate the art collection of an eccentric Spanish sculptor, Baltazar Mendoza, who lives in the Segovia estates in the mountains near Barcelona all of Finn’s seventh grade class as the Magnolia Academy of Arts and Science (MAAS) are invited to go visit there on a summer vacation.  This is how Book 2,Twilight Cave, begins.  You just won’t believe what happens after that…

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