Friends of Gomes? Unite!

I want the whole world to know about gomes because maybe then humans would treat the Earth and all the plants and trees (and rocks!) better. That’s why I’m excited (but still grumpy!) to announce the Friends of Wullie Affiliate Program for readers eighteen years old and older.

If you love my adventures (I suppose they’re Finn and Hadley’s adventures, too) and would like to help spread the word, we’d like to give you an official, digital badge to post on social media. The badge will look like this:

Except that it will also have a link on it that’s specifically for you! Every time someone buys a copy of “Blackhope Scar” using your special link, you’ll receive $2! To sign up for the Friends of Wullie Affiliate Program just write to WullieNews@gmail.com and my team of email gomes (you didn’t know those exist, did you?) will get you all set up.

Thank you for helping to spread the word.


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