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There Really is a Place Called Mahaar!

David Kennedy McCulloch is the author of the Wullie-the-Mahaar-Gome fantasy fiction series. These are scruffy, rude, bad-tempered mystery adventures for the young at heart. They are strongly based in Scottish folklore but will take you into places all of the world and into your imagination. The main character, Wullie (Scottish for William or Willie or Bill or…) is a grumpy rock creature, or gome (not gnome! Wullie is likely to throw something at you if you call him a gnome) who becomes entangled in the lives of humans in the most delightful, scary, hilarious, dangerous ways. David grew up in a quiet rural backwater of Scotland where his dad was the village schoolteacher. He got marooned on an island in the wild, wet, wonderful Pacific Northwest where his writing is interrupted by visits from his kids and grandkids. Most of the time he is not scruffy, rude, bad-tempered or mysterious. But sometimes he is.