Good Gomes

  • Wullie

    As Hadley is fond of saying about Wullie, “You are just totally amazing!”  We know more about Wullie than about any other gome by the time the Blackhope Scar story is finished, but we don’t know how much of his… Continue reading “Wullie”…

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  • Good Gomes – Overview

    Gomes, like humans, are not always all good or all bad but in this category I will describe gomes that do seem to be helpful to Finnley, Hadley and their friends. I am putting them roughly in the order that… Continue reading “Good Gomes – Overview”…

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  • Gomes – An Introduction

    The complicated lives of the strange rock creatures that we know as gomes have been mixed up with the lives of humans for only the past few thousands of years here on planet Earth.  Gomes are far older than humans. … Continue reading “Gomes – An Introduction”…

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  • Big Sandy

    Gomes live for a very, very, very long time (unless they get crushed or smashed into pieces that can’t be repaired…) and over the centuries they begin to adapt characteristics of the geographical area that they inhabit the most.  They… Continue reading “Big Sandy”…

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  • Jade-Tsi-Dong

    Jade-Tsi-Dong is a very powerful Translator.  His body is partly made out of polished green jade.  He came from remote mountains in China and is also a longtime friend of Wullie’s.  We meet him for the first time on Level… Continue reading “Jade-Tsi-Dong”…

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