Hadley Kobayashi

Hadley Kobayashi lives next door to Finn in a quiet neighborhood in Seattle called Magnolia.  At the start of Blackhope Scar she is eleven-years old and, like Finn, in sixth grade at the Magnolia Academy of Arts and Science (MASS). Her dad is Nishi Kobayashi, a pugnacious Japanese-American businessman who is the Chief Executive Officer of Kobayashi Securities, a company that makes all sorts of cool gadgets and gizmos.  Her mother is Riversong Kobayashi, a white American woman who married Nishi so that she wouldn’t have to work anymore.  She changed her name from Debra to Riversong, and is, to put it charitably, a bit flaky.

Hadley is really smart and is interested in science and spy-stuff. She is pretty, but is not into “girly clothes” or school gossip.  She is teased by the “popular crowd” at school.

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