Hugh McDougall

Hugh McDougall is Finn’s Great Uncle.  He is an eccentric Scottish gentleman who has spent his life exploring the world and searching to recover stolen Scottish historical artifacts and returning them to museums where they can be enjoyed by everyone.  At the start of Blackhope Scar he arrives in Seattle with Wullie to escape danger back in Scotland.  If you want to learn about that danger and why they are running away you will need to read Book 0, Crabbit House, which is the prequel to the entire Wullie series of books.  Hugh is a flamboyant adventurer and cuts a dashing and memorable figure as he sails through life.

Hugh first met Wullie when Hugh was just a wee lad of eight or nine back in the tiny hamlet of Mahaar in southwest Scotland.  Wullie has accompanied Hugh on many adventures during Hugh’s life but we have only heard little bits about those so far.  Here is a picture of Hugh, as a curious wee boy, looking for gomes under rocks near Mahaar with Wullie giving him advice from Hugh’s shoulder.

I am not going to tell you much more about Hugh here.  Hugh gets involved in many of the Wullie stories so you can learn more about him as you read those.  Finn’s mother, Marjorie, thinks that Hugh is wa-a-a-ay too reckless and will be a bad influence on Finn… but I disagree.

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