Meet the Humans

Nice Humans

As you have probably noticed in your own life, humans are complicated.  They are usually not “all good” or “all bad.”  Even nice humans can be moody or selfish from time to time.  Finn’s mom, Marjorie McDougall is really nice but she seems to be always getting on Finn’s case and telling him that he is not working hard enough at school, or is daydreaming too much.  Finn’s dad, David McDougall, is kinder and gentler but he spends so much time thinking about art that he sometimes doesn’t pay attention to the more mundane things in life.  He once ate a pile of  dog food left in the fridge for Riley (the golden retriever) because David thought it was fancy pâté or meat loaf!  Here are a few details of some of the nice humans that you will meet in the Wullie stories.

Not Nice Humans

Humans, like gomes, are not always all good or all bad but in this category I will describe humans who don’t seem to be helpful to Finnley, Hadley and their friends. Some of these people are just mean and unpleasant. Others are really REALLY evil. I am putting them roughly in the order that they appear in the story as it unfolds throughout the books.
I may go back and add drawings of what I think they look like although, as you know, the picture that you create in your own head is the best depiction of what each of these characters is like. If you would like to send me a picture of what YOU think any of the characters looks like I will be happy to include that in the blog. Be sure to send me your name and age and where you live so that I can share that, too.