My Approach To Writing

  • Analyze Your Favorite Stories

    When I started writing I had no formal training.  I just knew that I wanted to write.  I had no aspirations that I could write the next Great American (or Scottish) Novel. But I did want to write entertaining stories… Continue reading “Analyze Your Favorite Stories”…

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  • Seattle – Nothing Stays The Same

    One problem with writing about things in the real world is that nothing stays the same.  People, places, and circumstances all change.  But it is also fun to write about specific places and events that some readers can recognize or… Continue reading “Seattle – Nothing Stays The Same”…

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  • My Early Writing Efforts

    I went to high school in the Scottish seaside town of Ayr. In the five years I spent at Ayr Academy from 1966-1970 I got mostly traditional classes of English, Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Physics Chemistry and Biology along with… Continue reading “My Early Writing Efforts”…

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