Sean Agnew

If you read Book 1, Blackhope Scar, you will meet this disgruntled and unpleasant English helicopter pilot when Finnley and Hadley make their first visit to Edinburgh Castle. Sean Agnew is lean, mean, and rangy. He wears a bomber jacket, military fatigues, aviator glasses, smokes and drinks too much, and has a perpetual sneer on his face just below his pencil thin mustache. He hates everything about Scotland.

If you read Book 0, Crabbit House, which takes place a few months before the start of Blackhope Scar you will learn some other insights about Sean Agnew but those insights don’t make him any more likeable! He has so many chips on his shoulder it is surprising that he can get his helicopter to lift off the ground… actually getting his helicopter to lift off the ground becomes a major problem in the final scenes of Blackhope Scar. Here is how Brianna Osaseri pictures him.

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