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Wullie the Mahaar Gome Book 1: Blackhope Scar by David Kennedy McCulloch

Discover the magic of Wullie the Mahaar Gome and meet our unlikely, yet beloved hero today as he challenges the awful villain Bluebeard.

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Meet Wullie the Mahaar Gome

Wullie the mahaar gome, a rock creature with a beard wearing a red hat

When you first meet Wullie it seems like he is just a delightful addition to Finnley and Hadley’s own comfortable world. Sure, he is rude and grumpy, but he is also witty, kind-hearted, and has so much energy that he gets mixed up in our regular human world in hilarious and unexpected ways. But the more you hang around Wullie the more you realize that he will take you on fantastical adventures to unfathomable places. He has lived for thousands of years. He explores massive underground cities where armies of evil rock creatures with magic powers plot to defeat each other, destroy humans, and take over the planet. As you travel through Wullie’s world you will meet dozens of cruel rock creatures, despicable humans, but so long as Wullie is by your side (or on your shoulder) you will be safe… well, safe-ish! But you will need to stay focused and keep your wits about you. Wullie may even ask you to help him save our world.

Get to know Wullie even better here, he’s excited to meet you!

Readers Love Book 1: Wullie the Mahaar Gome: Blackhope Scar

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Finnley McDougall’s boring schoolboy life in Seattle gets turned upside down when Great Uncle Hugh gives him a most unusual gift – a scruffy, rude, bad-tempered Scottish rock creature called Wullie who brings danger and disaster with him wherever he goes. From French snobs in fancy hotels, rusting barges on the Seattle waterfront, abandoned coalmines and flooded quarries in the Scottish hillsides filled with bullies, gangsters, slobbering dogs and weird food Finn is drawn into an evil plot that threatens to destroy everything he loves… including Edinburgh Castle. The only person who thinks that Finn is smart enough or brave enough to survive all this is his best friend and next door neighbor, Hadley Kobayashi, a girl who is wiser and tougher than Finn.

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Review: This Delightful Novel is a Tale of Action, Mystery, and Adventure

From Reader’s Favorite

Blackhope Scar, the first book by David Kennedy McCulloch in the Wullie the Mahaar Gome series “revolves around a young boy named Finn and an extraordinary present he received from his uncle, comprising a dictionary and a rock. Pretty amazing, right? I didn’t think so until the rock inexplicably shape-shifted into a little old man named Wullie and started talking to Finn with something a little less extreme than a potty mouth, but still quite grumpy. The dictionary also came in handy when being hustled across the Scottish landscape, trying to figure out things like the connection between Scaur O’ Black Hope and an excerpt from Bluebeard’s Wee Black Book. Wait…what? Trust me, if you know, you know.

Wullie the Mahaar Gome by David Kennedy McCulloch is an infectiously fun story with a great deal to offer in only a few nights of bedtime reading. As far as chapter books for older children go, this story sits comfortably in the middle length-wise and the chapters themselves are long enough to feel like an accomplishment to a child but short enough so that when they ask if they can read just one more chapter, it doesn’t mean an all-nighter. Wullie is hilarious and Finn is the de facto main character, but out of the “happy band of adventurers,” it is Finn’s friend and neighbor Hadley who steals the show. . . This is a wonderful adventure and I look forward to reading book two. Highly recommended.”

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From Amazon Reviewer WSV

“Oh boy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading [this book]! . . . What I particularly enjoyed was the descriptive language the writer used, which had me laughing frequently. Take for example the description of Churchill, the bulldog: “A big white torpedo it was with a face that would scare its own mother. It looked like a squashed prune. You know, like it had run into too many walls.” The creativity in the names used delighted me as well (Tiffany Kistlebutt, a petite, skinny, blond-haired girl with an upturned nose; Alexander Clambucket Targomshie of Calanais, everybody calls him Big Sandy).

The book is action-packed from start to finish and I think many readers will find themselves wishing the same as me, which is to have a Wullie too!

As I reached the climax of the story, though, I kept wondering what exactly drove the different Gomes and the other villains to conspire in wishing to practically destroy a big chunk of Scotland. They did express their reasons but somehow these didn’t feel powerful enough to me to warrant their evil plan. I guess these might be exposed in the sequel(s), like book 2: twilight cave.

All in all, Wullie the Mahaar Gome is definitely a delightful book worth reading. You won’t regret spending your hours reading about the adventures of a wee stone creature with superpowers!”

About the Author, David Kennedy McCulloch

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David Kennedy McCulloch is the author of the Wullie-the-Mahaar-Gome fantasy fiction series. These are scruffy, rude, bad-tempered mystery adventures for the young at heart. They are strongly based in Scottish folklore but will take you into places all of the world and into your imagination. The main character, Wullie (Scottish for William or Willie or Bill or…) is a grumpy rock creature, or gome (not gnome! Wullie is likely to throw something at you if you call him a gnome) who becomes entangled in the lives of humans in the most delightful, scary, hilarious, dangerous ways. David grew up in a quiet rural backwater of Scotland where his dad was the village schoolteacher. He got marooned on an island in the wild, wet, wonderful Pacific Northwest where his writing is interrupted by visits from his kids and grandkids. Most of the time he is not scruffy, rude, bad-tempered or mysterious. But sometimes he is.